The following is the itinerary for the MBCC Senior Choir European Tour, 28 June to 14 July 1999. As we traveled, I added the links to pages of the online journal describing each day's adventures. (Final itinerary and travel arrangements by Ambassador Tours, 148 East Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI USA, 616-349-7655.)

Monday and Tuesday, 28-29 June: fly from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany, on Lufthansa flight 457, thence to Rome, Italy on Lufthansa flight 3856. (Hotel Portamaggiore Roma, phone 011-390-6-7027927, fax 011-390-6-7027936)

Italian flagItaly

Wednesday, 30 June: Tour Rome and Vatican City, and give an informal 10-minute concert at St. Peter's Basilica.

Thursday, 1 July: Another day to explore Rome, with a full concert at Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.

Friday, 2 July: Travel along the coast to Montecatini Terme, famous for its mineral springs; stop at the Fattoria Villa Maionchi (a 17th century winery) in Lucca along the way. (Note: the Hotel Imperial Garden rented our rooms out from under us, so we are split between another couple of hotels in Montecatini Terme; I don't have numbers as I write.)

Saturday, 3 July: Tour and explore Florence, then return to Montecatini Terme; outdoor informal concert in the evening at Piazzale della Torretta.

Sunday, 4 July: Travel to Venice, stopping enroute to participate in High Mass at Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and sing for 20-30 minutes afterward. (Hotel Nazionale, phone 011-390-41-716133, fax 011-390-41-715318)

Monday, 5 July: Tour and explore Venice, on foot and by Vaporetto (taxi boat) on the Grand Canal.

Tuesday, 6 July: Last chance to explore Venice, then take overnight train to Vienna.

Austrian flagAustria

Wednesday, 7 July: Tour and explore Vienna. (Rosenhotel Vieden, phone 011-43-1-501-520, fax 011-43-1-501-52709)

Slovakian flagSlovakia

Thursday, 8 July: Day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia, with a full concert at the Clarists Church during the Cultural Summer Festival.

Friday, 9 July: Morning visit to the Vienna Woods (Wiener Wald), and dinner at Grinzing in evening.

Saturday, 10 July: Travel to Melk, giving an informal concert at the Melk Abbey; and then to Salzburg. Part of the trip will be aboard a boat down the Danube. (Rosenhotel Salzburg, phone 011-43-662-4396390, fax 011-43-662-4396397)

Sunday, 11 July: Sing during early Mass at the St. Gilgen Kirche, then a day to explore Salzburg.

Monday, 12 July: Travel to Munich, Germany, and on the way stop at the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden. (Hotel Feringapark, phone 011-49-89-957-160, fax 011-49-89-957-16111)

German flagGermany

Tuesday, 13 July: Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, then give an informal concert at the Wieskirche in Steingaden, then return to Munich for a farewell dinner and festive folkloric show at the Hofbrauhaus.

Wednesday, 14 July: A couple of hours to shop in Munich, then fly from Munich to Frankfurt on Lufthansa flight 151, thence to Los Angeles on Lufthansa flight 452.

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